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Specifically Designed for Non-Egress Inward-Swinging Doors found in Classrooms, Dorm Rooms, Hotel Rooms, and Offices

Universal Design Allows Placement on Left or Right Side Hinge   Shown with Optional Magnetic Clips
Left Hinge   Right Hinge
Stored on Optional Magnetic Clip   Engaged; Optional Magnetic Clip Shown
Left Hinge

Toolless Installation



Lifetime Guarantee

Buying Precious Time

Right Hinge

Designed to be Used on Commercial-Grade Solid Metal or Wood Doors with Metal Frames

Single Brake: Good Defense   Double Brakes: Better Defense   Triple Brake: Best Defense
Left Hinge   Buying Precious Time   Right Hinge


Easy to Use
  • Rapid tool-less installation is as easy as stick and store
  • Universal dual-port design allows integration with either a right- or left-swinging door
  • Quickest dual-locking system available: just drop and leave
  • Compact size makes it portable therefore ideal for travelers
  • Tapered entry points allow for accurate, gravity-fed placement
  • Standard Thickness: 1/4" (Custom thicknesses available)
  • 8,000lb of force required to bend the 1/4" Bully Brake™
  • Lifetime Guaranteed and zero maintenance required
  • BB14: 1/4" thick
  • BB516: 5/16" thick
Compact Design Allows for Portability   Store/Carry In a Book Bag or Purse   Custom Sizes Available
Left Hinge   Buying Precious Time   Right Hinge

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