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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bully Brakes work on every type of door hinge?

The product is designed to be installed on non-egress inward swinging commercial doors. A typical commercial door includes a solid wood door and a 1"-2" metal frame. BALD Technologies can quickly customize the Bully Brake to meet your specific needs.

Can we use Bully Brakes during a fire drill?

The product is designed as a temporary door lock device and is NOT designed to be used during a fire drill or actual fire.

Will the Bully Brakes pass local fire and/or building codes?

It is the buyer's responsibility to check local fire and building codes prior to purchase.

Are tools or special training required to install or use the Bully Brake?

Not at all. The product is designed to be stored in a nearby drawer or attached to the metal frame with an optional magnet. Users simply slide the product over the door hinges to engage. Due to the fact that the Bully Brake is not permanently installed on a door there is no need to worry about reducing the fire door rating. The product is not secured into the floor therefore there is no need to worry about potential asbestos being aggravated and distributed through the air.

Do we use one Bully Brake or multiple brakes?

Although (1) Bully Brake significantly enhances existing door lock hardware we strongly recommend a minimum of (2) units and for maximum resistance we recommend (3). If (1) unit is used it must be placed on the middle hinge.

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