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MASTERVISION is a cloud-based mapping application designed to bridge the gap between users and location-based information.

MASTERVISION Building of Things

Purpose-Built for Owners, Facility/Project Managers & AEC Professionals

Our objectives were clear:

  1. Provide simplified access to any location-based information
  2. Produce next-generation interfaces that are natural, intuitive, and easily adaptable
Transformed Map

Transforming Fragmented Building Information into an Organized and Useful Map

We set out to transform the standard close out process into a high value business tool. General Contractors, imagine delivering as-builts, photos, documents, models and manuals to your owner in an organized and useful format throughout the build process. The owner can continue to contribute location based information such as Lease Agreements, marketing materials, legal documents, security cameras systems and maintenance information to their Company globe for the life of the asset. Owners, imagine how easy it would be to retrieve the building information if the Asset is sold.
Organized Map

Centralized, Organized and Immediately Accessible Building of Things

Drive workflow efficiencies using the MASTERVISION platform to map, visualize and retrieve any information from a specific location. Envision the time saving benefits if your team had rapid access to any facility information on any device thru a single, front end interface.
Convenient Map

Experience Connected Convenience

Bringing fragmented information into a single interface makes MASTERVISION the hub of knowledge sharing and retrieval of information. We provide custom API integration to 3rd party applications.
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